Days 1 - 4 of Your New Tattoo:

  1. Wash your hands before ever touching your tattoo.
  2. Remove your bandage 2-4 hours after tattoo session.
  3. Wash your tattoo gently with soap and water, using a clean wash cloth, removing all blood, excess pigment, and fluids from your fresh tattoo.
  4. Rinse your tattoo thoroughly after washing.
  5. Do not wipe/rub your tattoo to dry after washing. ALWAYS pat dry, and then let it air dry for 5-10 minutes.
  6. Apply a thin layer of ointment (provided by Gypsie Soul) to the freshly tattooed area.
  7. Repeat these steps, and re-apply new ointment 3 times per day for the first 4 days of your tattoo.

First Month of Your New Tattoo:

  • Continue using the cleaning steps above to gently clean your tattoo every day.
  • On the 5th day of your new tattoo, you may start using a non-scented lotion instead of the ointment.
  • Do not pick, itch or scratch the tattoo or surrounding area. 

*Please note: Gypsie Soul Tattoo and its artists will not be held responsible for tattoos that are damaged during the healing process.