Our Story

A veteran of the tattoo industry, Gypsie Soul Tattoo owner Brandon Mugleston has dedicated his life to tattooing ever since he began his apprenticeship in 2001. After years of working with many great tattoo studios and learning from other artists, Brandon decided to branch out and start his own shop. 

Brandon first opened Gypsie Soul's doors back in 2010. What began as a private studio grew immensely in the first two years, leading to Brandon relocating the shop to the current SLC location. Almost single-handedly, Brandon built the shop into what it is today - from putting up walls and painting to decorating and furnishing - all the while remembering the old mantra, "if you build it, they will come." 

That prediction held true. Now, three years later from those late nights hanging chandeliers and building stations, Gypsie Soul SLC is a thriving tattoo shop and home to 6 artists and 2 apprentices, while a brand new location, Gypsie Soul NV, is just opening its doors. 

Between running two shops and being featured in tattoo conventions across the country, Brandon has taken on the life of a gypsy, spreading the soul of the modern-day tattoo.